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My name is Brandon, and I travel with my beautiful girlfriend Madison. We have attended events around the states. We sold art, crystals, handmade jewelry, my books, and provided our services at these events. We are now focusing on our books, music, and services. We are so grateful to be so blessed with an abundance of opportunities that arise at the perfect time to help us along the way. It has not always been this way for us, although we are happy to be where we are! Read more about my story below.

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Before 2020, I could not have a spiritual conversation with anyone. Spirituality did not make sense to me, nor did I care. I was living my life how I wanted and I knew I was going to do great things. How I was going to do them, I had no idea.

For most of my life, I had my mind set on being a doctor. Holistic practices were never in my mind. Honestly, the only reason I wanted to be a doctor at that time was for the paycheck and because I told people that is what I wanted to do. It was not until I was in college that I decided I wanted to do something different. I decided to be a nurse, then a paramedic, then a businessman, and finally an occupational therapist before I dropped out. I realized I do not want to be anything this college could help me become. At this point in my life, I was a salesman being promoted to general manager of a Cricket-authorized retail store. A few weeks later, I am promoted and given my own store. One week after this, COVID-19 shut down my store and I decided to file for unemployment.


Now, I am getting paid to sit at home and do nothing. I started seeing some of my old friends again because I had time and so did they. Our choices may not have been the best at that time, but we had fun. During our time hanging out together, I started to "wake up." I realized that everything happening in our world did not need to happen for us to be right where we are. That this civilization in America had only been around for a few hundred years. Many other civilizations have been around for longer. If everyone here wants to see change, eventually it will happen. So, what could I do to make a change? What did I want to change? This began the period that changed my life forever.

Reality itself came into question and I had so many more. However, my friends did not share my interests. The things I was doing and saying led them to no longer want to hang out with me. Even my parents looked at me like I was crazy. At that point, I was all alone to ponder life. Getting paid to sit at home and do just that. I spent 4 months of my life meditating on who I am, what life is, what I want to do, how I am going to do it, why things are the way they are, what I would rather experience, and so many more things. What helped the most was the spiritual laws. These laws brought clarity into my mind on how life here on Earth works, as well as why things are the way they are now. I have written a book elaborating more on this, click here to read more.

I found a passion for helping others with some of the most difficult parts of life. Changing their internal world to manifest what they truly desire in their external world. I started implementing the practices I now teach into my life in 2020. I saw major changes throughout the rest of the year and years to come. I became a life/spiritual coach in 2021, practicing for free at a local Unity church. Unity gave me a space where I could express myself in any way I wanted to express myself. We could talk about life, religion, spirituality, science, anything! We would question everything and stay open-minded to hear new perspectives. I worked various jobs funding my life throughout 2021, and in 2022 I had enough to get started fully being a life/spiritual coach. I began traveling the United States going to metaphysical events where I could provide my services in person. I also hosted seminars at these events! It was so much fun traveling and meeting new people. My favorite meeting was Madison of course. As we are now about to head to Colombia and continue growing our businesses! I am thankful for the wonderful experiences I had throughout the years that brought me here, and I am so grateful to have clarity of direction and purpose now. All I have to do is listen and follow my guidance, I will always be right where I am supposed to be.

Thank you for reading more about me, you are amazing!

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