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What to expect in a call with me:

Empathy, compassion, understanding, listening, engaging questions, new perspectives, and life tools. I love to listen and help people in any way they need. 

What is provided:

Each session is different, as is each person. Some people respond well to words alone, some require set practices, affirmations, meditations, etc. Based on your unique circumstances, I will provide you with what you need to move to the next stage of your development. You are responsible for taking action. Life is ever-changing with another beautiful experience requiring your interaction with every change. No one does this for you. You do this.


Having a strong internal foundation is something I specialize in. A foundation is important so that we have something to stand on as we build. It is very difficult to build when we cannot stand life. Let me help you stand so that you can cultivate a beautiful life for yourself and others!

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