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Consciousness Masterclass

  • 31Days
  • 62Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


This course is intended to raise the amount of time in life you are conscious. Over the course of one month, you will become highly aware of what you are creating. This level of awareness can be scary on its own, however, paired with understanding it simply is what it is. If you are prepared to commit to living life consciously and create your own destiny, this course will provide you the tools and habits needed to do so. What’s Included: Daily Meditations for both morning and night Journal prompts/meditation questions Access to our Conscious Group Weekly affirmation(s) Practices Short videos This course should be started the day after joining. It is intended to be done everyday as it is setting a routine for staying conscious everyday. If you miss a day, it is okay. You will be able to look back and see the previous tasks. The practices after day 4 are the same morning and night, there is no need to do them twice. However, the meditations, activities, journal prompt/meditation questions, and affirmations are different everyday. Do your best to keep up with them and be gentle with yourself throughout this process. To access my page on Spaces by Wix app, download the app from your app store. Create an account using the same email you used to sign up on my website to access this course. You will receive a prompt about already being a member and it is self explanatory from here. If you already use Spaces, you should receive a prompt to join.

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