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Our Fairytale Story | How I met Madison

Updated: Feb 26

I had just arrived to my hotel in Clarksville, Arkansas with my business partner Tamara. We walked into the lobby so we could check in and I went to the restroom. On my way back up front, I saw a car parked out front with a beautiful redheaded girl in the passenger seat. A man was now in the lobby as well. A man I would soon be friends with. His name is Ricky. He and Tamara had been friends for a while and recognized one another. They quickly began catching up as I found a place to sit. Shortly after I sat, Tamara introduced me to Ricky. He is an amazing man who looks like a skinnier version of Mr. Miyagi. We are all in town for the same event. When we go to our cars to drive to our rooms, I realized the beautiful redheaded girl is with Ricky, and our hotel rooms end up being just two doors apart. I unloaded Tamara's car which is the same car as Ricky's. Both of them drive a Subaru Forester, at least at the time we met. We made a few jokes as we were unloading, but I kept to myself for the most part. Not speaking to Madison just yet. We got settled into the room and headed over to our event.

When we arrived at the event, we found our space and began setting up. Funny enough, Ricky and Madison have a booth right next to ours! Now I get to stare at this beautiful redheaded girl all weekend. Ricky was doing sound healing with a didgeridoo and flute while having people sit in copper pyramids that he made. Madison was helping him out and had a booth beside him doing readings for people. Our booth had crystals and jewelry galore. During setup we would be going back and forth constantly and every once in while I would look up to see Madison. Once we finished setup we headed back to the hotel. Tamara and I stayed in for the night.

The next day was when the event was going. People began coming in, but it was somewhat slow. This gave us time to walk around and chat with other vendors. I walked around and talked with a few people. One of which took a mediumship class with me in Oklahoma! She told me of how spot on my message was for her in the class! Made me feel really good to hear that. I continued walking around for a while and came back to our booth. I stayed here as Tamara went around doing as I had just done. At this point Madison and I were both in our booths. I waved to her and she came over. I showed her this giant crystal called "green phantom quartz," the biggest one we had on the table. I told her to hold it. She held the stone and immediately began to meditate. I knew I found a good friend. I told her she should go sit in the copper pyramid with the stone. She sat there for a while meditating with the stone. About 10 minutes later she came back and told me about how amazing the meditation was. How the crystal in combination with the pyramid was amazing! The rest of the day we stayed in our own spaces for the most part exchanging glances every now and again. Ricky came over to our booth at the end of the day and invited us to dinner.

We left the event and met back at the hotel to take care of a few things, then Ricky and Madison followed us to a Mexican restaurant. At the restaurant Tamara and Ricky did most of the talking. I sat quietly and chimed in here and there, as did Madison. Towards the end of the meal, Ricky said Madison and I should go out tonight. We both laughed and said "maybe" with a slight blush. We left the restaurant and headed back to the hotel. When I got into the room, God told me to go outside and talk to Madison. When I walked outside, Madison was not there. So, I asked God what to do. He said "walk around." I began walking around the hotel and when I had done a full lap, I saw Madison on the other end of the parking lot. I began walking to her until I heard God say "turn around and walk the other way." I listened and began walking into a field behind the hotel. Madison came running after me and yelled for me. She asked me to go on a walk to the nature trail she found the night before.

We began walking towards the end of the parking lot where I had seen her first. There was a cat hanging out over there so we decided to sit on the wall and talk seeing if we could get the cat to come to us. The cat never came, and we talked for about 20 minutes sharing some of our past with one another. Then, we began walking to the nature trail. The trail was next to a McDonald's is all Madison remembered aside from the direction she went last night. I trusted her and knew we would end up where we were meant to be. We ended up passing the McDonald's because we were enthralled in a great conversation in which I do not remember the words. Just her amazing presence. We turned around and headed to the trail. As we began down this trail, we started seeing fireflies everywhere. We were surrounded by the beautiful glowing lights. This was fascinating for both of us and we stayed here with the fireflies for about 5 minutes before continuing down the trail.

The trail we were walking was quite beautiful and the whole time I wanted to hold her hand or hug her, or kiss her, something! But, I decided to keep my hands to myself. We explored the trails for a few hours talking and running into animals. One of which was two opossums that scared Madison onto a rock. Which of course made me laugh. Opossums can climb, the rock is not going to stop them. However, it made her feel better. I walked towards the opossums and they veered off the path. Later on down the trail, we were surrounded by fireflies again. This time we stayed with them for nearly 10 minutes. We continued along the trail and found a hilarious sign.

After seeing this sign we found a paved path and Madison began spinning and being absolutely adorable.

Though I am quite observant and had these feelings of wanting to be closer to Madison, I was still blind to the love that would blossom faster than I could imagine. We walked back to the hotel and called it a night. When we got back, it was after 1am. We exchanged phone numbers and went to bed. The next day was the final day of the event. Madison would wave to me every time we made eye contact and I thought it was adorable. We were a bit busier this day and stayed at our booths till the end of the day. We ended the day and started packing up. Ricky and Madison decided to drive back to Ricky's house in Kansas after the show. Tamara and I stayed in Arkansas for the night and head back to Oklahoma in the morning.

Madison and I texted back and forth everyday until we met again a couple weeks later. This time we met in Denver, Colorado. We made plans to go the some hot springs that Madison could tell me the name of if I asked. Excited to see her read the blog and smile at this part. Anyways, we got our booths set up the first day, which all three of our booths were right next to each other again. However, our hotels were not this time. I decided to walk by myself the first night. I found a cool place I was going to take Madison to.

The second day I was so excited to go the hot springs with Madison. We finished everything up at the event and headed back to our hotels. I picked her up and we drove about an hour to get to the hot springs. On the way there, Madison showed me some parts of Colorado she used to live, she shared with me some of the stories of her time here. I love listening to her talk. We arrived at the hot springs and got ready to get in. I was still wearing glasses at this time and had to take them off. So, I was practically blind the whole time. The only thing I could really see was the beautiful woman before me. We played around in the water for a while and danced around one another flirtatiously. I so badly wanted to pull her in closer to me, yet I refrained as I watched her swim around. Our hands and feet would touch every once in a while which I knew was on purpose probably for both parties. Certainly was on my end. I noticed my feelings even more so when these guys started talking to us. How my thoughts began to be somewhat protective and want her all to myself. I reminded myself she is her own person and we are just friends, let her do her thing. We only talked with the guys briefly and we were right next to each other the whole time. We soon after got out and headed over to the caves. The caves were separated for men and women. I was wearing glasses and unaware of how hot it was here. As soon as I walked in, my glasses fogged up and I could not see. I took them off and it was too dark for me to see much. I made it to a spring that only had one person in it. I stuck my feet in and it was wayyy to hot for me. I had been in a hot spring pool for a couple hours and now this pool is even hotter.. no thanks. I got changed and waited for Madison. She came out shortly after. We began heading back to the hotel. I asked her if she would like to see the cool place I found by my hotel. Madison of course said yes. We talked most of the way and sang the rest. The first song we sang together was "Bright" by Echosmith. I still jam out every time I hear it. We arrived at the spot and began climbing. I found a small hill with a statue of an eagle on top.

When we got to the top we decided to sit and talk for a while. Of course when we sat we were so close together and both wanted to hold each other. Yet, we still waited. Despite it being cold, we decided to keep it friendly. Madison had brought a pashmina with her that we used as a blanket since it was really cold. All of me wanted to hold her or her hand or kiss her or something, yet my mind still said to wait. We stayed out again until 1am.

The next day Ricky told me I was welcome at his place anytime. I soon took him up on his offer a couple weeks later. I stayed with Ricky and Madison at Ricky's house in Kansas for a few days. The first day Madison took me to a crystal store and a beautiful nature trail. At the crystal store we met a man who plays the harp. Absolutely fascinating to talk with him and I decided to ask if he had the harp there. He did and he played us a song!

The harp is apparently a small one. It is still taller than Madison. After we talked with him for a while, we headed to the nature trail.

It was gorgeous here. Almost as gorgeous as the girl who showed me this place. We headed back to Ricky's after our adventure and we made some jewelry. I showed Madison a couple of my techniques and made her a bracelet. After we made jewelry, we went downstairs to do yoga. We lit some candles and turned the lights off. Super romantic and neither of us were thinking this. We were both used to candle light nights. It wasn't until we finished yoga and hugged that we realized the romantics. Inches away we stared into each others eyes. Both feeling the love. In my heart I wanted to kiss her. She was right there in my arms. Yet again, my mind told me to wait. I told her goodnight and headed back upstairs to my room. I meditated on this being a serious relationship as I wanted to make sure she was the one. I decided I would make a move the next day.

This day we went to a beach and had some fun in the water. It was freezing and Madison was screaming about it. I went in no problem. Which was not the case the most recent time we went to a beach with cold water. It was the other way around haha. We stayed at the beach for a couple hours and headed back to Ricky's. Later in the day we saw the baby foxes out and they were coming closer. Well, Madison saw them, I was in the shower. After my shower, we decided to go for a night walk. We walked out to a baseball field that was attached to Ricky's neighborhood. First, we went to a playset and talked for an hour or so. Then, we went out onto the field. Madison began frolicking around in the outfield. I love seeing her frolic. It is a state when she is absolutely blissful. We then did some cartwheels and yoga poses. Finally we found our way to the ground. Laying side by side we stared at the stars for a while until Madison placed her head on my shoulder. I then placed my arm around her and the fireflies came out again. Love was certainly in the air. We watched the fireflies and stared at the stars for at least half an hour. Finally, our faces are turning towards one another and I pull in her closer to kiss her. Surrounded by fireflies in a baseball field, we had our first kiss. It was straight out of a modern fairytale.

The next day we were greeted by the foxes again. This time I was not in the shower and I brought my phone.

Our fairytale story has only just begun. We have so many plans and are making so many memories. Loving every minute we get to spend together. The ups and downs that continually bring us closer together. I am so grateful to have you in my life Madison. I love you! :)

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